Friday, February 12, 2010


This year I wanted to help Hayden send out Valentine's to his cousins, other family and close friends.  I wanted to make it as easy as possible, make something and print it out from the computer, have him color it, add a picture of him, send and done!

HOWEVER!  The day I'm going to start the Valentine's, my week old printer DIES!!  I was so mad.... its a week old!  So now Im waiting for our new one to come...and I had to do the cards the old fashion way.  I still think they turned out super cute though!!! 

The beginning stages....
I traced and cut out his hands, cut some hearts and folding the paper in thirds...
after I glued everything, and having Hayden stick on some of the hearts, he colored and colored and colored... :)

and drum roll please..... the finished product... :)
it says:
(front)I LOVE YOU.....
(inside)THIS MUCH! Happy Valentine's Day! Love, Hayden
 We just got our family pictures done a little while ago, so we sent a picture of Hayden and one of our family with the card.(at Walgreen's right now if you buy 25 4x6 prints you get 25 free!)  (HERE is the photographer that did our pictures. She is AMAZING!)

THIS and THIS was another idea I was thinking about doing for Valentine's... maybe next year! :)  Martha and Family Fun has all sorts of brilliant ideas!

Hi! It's Devyn again :) Isn't it nice that Megan let's me crash all here posts! LOL... we made our Valentine's this year too. Well, I made the outsides and the kids colored on the inside where we put a nice little note! They turned out really cute! (I wish I would have seen Megan's first though, because they are super super cute!)
We also sent a picture. But I made them into Valentine's.. I printed this on a 5x7 and cut them apart. The insides had cute scribbles in them. I think they turned out really cute!
HAVE FUN  and make your own VALENTINE's! Show the people that mean the most to you how much you LOVE THEM!!!! -Devyn


Megan said...

holy crap devyn! my cards look pitiful compared to yours! They are so soooo cute...

erin d. said...

Megan - it was so fun to get your card in the mail with your cute pictures! Hopefully Hayden and Jane will get to meet in person someday!

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