Sunday, February 7, 2010

The most wickedly awesome frosting EVER!! (with Homeade Oreo goodness)

 Well... it's Superbowl Sunday.  The husband is watching the game, my baby is down for a nap, church duties done for the day, wings in the oven(I hope they turn out), and now... to eat these bad boys:
Helllooo yumminess!  Homemade oreos are pretty much one of my favorite things EVER. They are so good and so easy to make.....

You will probably notice that a lot of my posts might be devoted to food(especially lately I have found killer good recipes)... I love food.  I love cooking it, I love baking it, I love eating it... My hips, butt and gut don't love it so much though...

Annnyway, one night I was indulging myself with one of my hobbies that helps me relax.  Which is, looking at recipes and food websites and blogs.  While searching my regular web food stops, I came across the most glorious frosting trick EVER!!!  (Thank you Betty Crocker, I love you...)

Betty calls it "White Truffle Frosting." mmmmmmm......So here we go the best frosting ever!

White Truffle Frosting
Melt 1 Cup of White Chocolate Chips in the microwave until smooth.  Then let cool.  Then whip in 1 tub of vanilla frosting until fluffy...
You can also do this exact same thing with chocolate frosting! Just melt 1 cup of semi sweet chocolate chips and whip them into chocolate frosting! I guess that one would be called Chocolate Truffle Frosting :)

And that's it! It is seriously so amazingly yummy.  I tinted mine pink for Valentine's Day.  I thought my Oreo's turned out so cute. 

Again, like the cupcakes I posted about earlier, I HATE frosting cupcakes, cookies, pretty much anything... Im to much of a perfectionist and it bugs my that I cant get it perfect.  So I filled my pastry bag with the pink deliciousness and piped it on with the big star tip. Done. Pretty. Cute. YUMMY!

THIS is the recipe I used for my Oreos, and look how cute and festive she made them for Valentine's Day... if you happen to do this(she has directions on her blog, so check the link), PLEASE send pictures. :)

THIS is the recipe straight from Betty Crocker, she used them on chocolate cupcakes...yum :)

If you have an awesome recipe PLEASE EMAIL it to us and share :)  We love new recipes!


Fat, Female and Forty said...

Sounds divine! One question - does the frosting stay gooey or does it set? I wondered if it would be good for frosting sugar cookies & would they be stackable?

Megan said...

I was worried about that too. It sets GREAT! I was so surprised. I think they would be ok to stack on sugar cookies, after they set up of course though. :) Enjoy!

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