Monday, February 8, 2010

FHE: Work/Help in Home PLUS Super Cute "cHoRe" Charts

First, I want to start with the SUPER CUTE CHORE CHARTS! I got this idea from my friend Joni (I wish I could share,but her blog is private! Dang it!!) THANKS JONI! They were so much fun to make and even cuter to look at!

I decided that my 1 and 2 year olds were getting big enough to have "chores" around the house. I think they can have a little responsibility. I think it will help them learn that they need to start picking up after themselves. Which hopefully will be a life long skill they will develop!

Since they are so little, I thought of 5 easy things they could do (or already are doing) for their chores. 1.Make Bed 2. Get Dressed 3. Study (read a book/color) 4.Pick up Toys 5. Brush teeth & hair

Soooo... here is what I did:

1. Decide what you want your magnets to be. *they are the "check off" when a chore gets done. I picked flowers for Abby & Trucks for Jaxon

2.Glue flowers together with cute buttons (if desired) or assemble any other ideas that you have.

3. When your cute things are all assembled, glue a magnet to the back of each item. Let dry and tada they are ready.

4. Get together all the things you need for the board. A clipboard (Joni used a metal sheet, to hold on the magnets. I, however, couldn't find any at the store I was at so I got these for .94 and some magnetic strips), paper, mod podge, brush, scissors, etc..

5.Glue, using the mod podge, the paper onto the clipboard.

6. Then glue words/chores onto the paper using the same technique. (I think vinyl would work good too)

7. Next, mod podge over all the paper you just glued on to give it a nice finish. And so the paper won't get ruined in use. (Remember it dries clear)

8.Now, if you need, apply the magnetic strips for magnets in desired spots.

9. You are done! Put magnets on and admire your work!

So, when they complete a "chore" they can put up a flower/truck next to it to mark it off the list!

Now, I wanted to make this a family home evening, because I think teaching your kids to work and help out around the house not only is good for them, but it's good for the whole family's happiness.

I put together a lot of ideas for different lessons and stories, so that this can go into your FHE KIT and be a lesson that can change and work for you every time you use it! I didn't include an activity, because I thought doing some sort of cleaning in the house together as the activity would be awesome! For the files download below :) Happy Helping!!!


Megan said...

Thanks Dev and Joni! :) I love this idea... would it be weird to make one for Hayden now? haha, I think he is to little to use it right now...but it is soo cute to look at! Where did you get your cute vehicle things?

Trissy-T said...

These turned out so cute Dev! I think I need to make one for Nixon, and maybe Blake too! :)

Devyn said...

LOL yes they work great for husbands! and i got the trucks at Roberts.

Sarah said...

That is SO clever! I love love love it! I have been wanting to make chore charts for my girls...I'm so glad I saw this, so much cuter than what I was going to do!!!

erin d. said...

very cute!

ludlowgang said...

I tried clicking on Joni's link, but her blog is closed to the public. Is there a way for anyone who is not added to her list to be able to see this link?



Devyn said...

Ashley, I totally forgot that her blog was private! I will pass your email along to her though and see if she will add you :) Sorry about that!

Rachael said...

That is the cutest idea ever! Did my lesson sunday totally inspire you or what?! LOL

Chad.Megan.Ben said...

I LOVE the chore chart! I am going to make one for my little guy this weekend. So adorable. :)

joni said...

Holy cow, I had no idea you did this! I feel bad it was over a month ago now, but I will send an invite to Ashley in case she hasn't done them yet. Times like these I wish I wasn't private. :)
Yours turned out way cute, love the trucks!!

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