Tuesday, February 9, 2010

February's Home Art....

I love the idea of having my kids art as art work in our home.  Framed for everyone to see.  I hope it makes them feel special and lets them know how proud of them we are.  I am also hoping that by the time I have kids in elementary this will help eliminate a million coloring pages on my fridge....

Once a month I make a coloring page for Hayden to color, paint, stamp, sticker, whatever.  He is only 13 months so what he does right now isn't to much.  But he LOVES it.  He loves feeling the crayons and experimenting scribbling on the paper.  He loves the huge hugs and kisses he gets from me after he makes a beautiful masterpiece! :)  It's also a great learning time.  I can draw shapes and talk to him about them.  I can color with him and talk about the colors.  We draw people and I we talk about their eyes and nose.  I love arts and crafts, its so easy to make learning fun and the possibilities are endless of what to teach.

With his finished masterpiece I bought a cheap frame and it's now hanging as part of my Valentine's Day decor.

If you would like this page for your own kiddos here is the one I did with Hayden:

I also made one for any of your kids that are older.  It just says, "I love my..." and then they can color the words and hearts and draw a picture(s) of what they love.  Mommy, their stuffed dog, speedy the turtle, tater tots, sunshine, makeup...whatever :)
Here is the link to download both coloring pages:

Hi! It's Devyn.. I asked Megan if I could go in on this post with her. I thought she had a great idea to have the kids color something and then display it in a frame on the wall. I have a spot in my kitchen that this will work perfectly! Only one problem, I haven't got the frames yet. SO the cute picture just went up on our fridge (where it was supposed to stay off of with this great idea) LOL and heaven knows I need help cleaning off my fridge!! Thanks Megan!!

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