About Sundae Secrets

Our goal with Sundae Secrets is to help you, the Latter Day Mommy, invite the Spirit into your home and to teach the gospel. You will find Family Home Evening (FHE) lessons, downloads, games, & treat ideas. Everything you'll need to have a successful family night! You will find handouts for Young Womens (YW) and possibly other organizations. You will also find occasional TIPS, recipes, crafts, projects, and other random things to help you be a better mommy!

We know that life gets tough and crazy sometimes. We too have felt the strains of being a mommy, wife, and homemaker. We hope that here at Sundae Secrets you will find something to help make your life just a little bit easier. We want to help bridge the gap between craziness to heaven on earth. Let's have the Spirit in our homes and help our children recognize what a wonderful blessing the gospel is in our lives!

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