Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Life is an Occasion

So, I just stumbled upon a new blog. A friends of mine, Ashley, has this sweet little blog about her beliefs, or should I say our beliefs?... anyways, and I just wanted to share. She is a beautiful writer and you can feel the conviction in her words! I just feel it is important to support amazing people like Ashley!
Also, her last post is about a girl she knows, Lauren, who has an etsy shop. She makes CUTE CUTE oh my goodness CUTE stuff :) And amoung the things she makes, there is a scripture cover that is simple amazing! Love it! So, check out Ashley's blog LIFE IS AN OCCASION and then check out Lauren's ETSY SHOP!!
If you have a blog that you would like to share, yours or a friend, please leave it in the comments or email us so we can check it out! Thanks friends!

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Justin and Ashley said...

Devyn! I LOVE this new blog so, so much! And it is so fun that you are doing it with Megan and Sarah! I love you all. :) Thank you so much for posting about my new blog! I think blogs like these help so much in spreading the good news of the gospel- our greatest happiness in life- and it strengthens me so much too. So, YOU WON! Now you just need to let me know which material you want, if you need different measurements made and then I just need your address so I can mail it to you. :) Can you email me that info? I am so excited that you were the first one to look at my post! I don't think many people really look at my new blog, THANKS SO MUCH FOR SHARING IT WITH OTHERS!

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