Friday, February 5, 2010

Family Motto

It seems like everyone these days is soooo stressed about money, and life, and just making it. Everyone is struggling with something...Some days are good, and some are harder. My microwave is setting our food on fire(particularly Hayden's veggies, I think Hayden probably planned it all on purpose so he doesn't have to eat his enemy the vegetable), but there was a silver lining today, a possible job opportunity for Cory... My point in all this rambling, is there are triumphs, and disappointments in life and I found a FABULOUS quote by President Monson that is now going to be our own, "family motto," so to speak. We live in an apartment and won't be here long or I would splurge to get it in vinyl...but until then I made this:
and it is going right above the light switch right next to the front door where we can see it all. the. time :)
I feel so uplifted whenever I read it. I want to "live greatly!" I want my family to "live greatly!" I know Heavenly Father is looking out for all of us and I hope you find this quote as comforting as I do. If you would like it for your own home, car, scrapbook, or where ever..... download it

I made it for a 5x7 frame. I didn't want it to big, I think you can probably make it bigger if you would want or I can probably email you the file  :)

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