Monday, March 29, 2010

Something to "TALK" about

HOW DOES SHE does this amazing post once a month with FAMILY DINNER QUESTIONS! She says, "They are in a simple form to represent how simple getting to know your family can bring you closer together.

My family and I have been doing this for a year and I have learned and laughed as we answered some of the questions. You don’t have to have kids to do this…how well do you think you know your spouse? your parents? your friends?

Some of the questions are silly some are serious. It spurs on ideas and thoughts to make you and your family think."

I thought I LOVE THIS IDEA and it NEEDS to be shared with our SUNDAE SECRETS friends!! Please click the link above and visit her site and the post with the dinner questions! And leave her some love!

I also had a MEMORY (that's my sister's language for "I remembered") of what we did in MY FAMILY sometimes around the dinner table. We did a funny game called "Daffy Dinner" from THE ULTIMATE GUIDE TO TEENAGE FUN by Shelley Wille.. great book BTW. Anyways, here is what you do...
"Before dinner, prepare a small slip of paper for each person to read and place it under thier plates. On these slips of paper are written specific instructions for each of them. After everyone is seated at the table, instruct them to read the slip of paper under their plate. Explain that during the meal, each person must carry out the instructions they have been given. For example, one note might say: "Whenever Megan laughs, glare at her and eat something off the plate of someone next to you."
Then during the meal each person watches and tries guessing what the slips of paper said! It is soooo fun and soooo funny!!!! I've made up some more "slips of paper" that you can use for your first time! Click the download button below.


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