Thursday, March 25, 2010

Grocery List & Recipes

Grocery Shopping.. one of my favorite but most unfavorite things to do.. UNLESS I have a LIST! And a list is no good without a PLAN! So, I've been doing good at MENU planning. I decided that I was bored with the same menu items that I always use, so I went searching for some new recipes. I got excited about all of it and decided to share!!
Start Searching! These are MY requirements for a recipe:
1) easy
2) no too much prep work
3) ingredients that are familiar, like what I would find in my shopping basket on a regular basis (1 or 2 different/un "normal" ingredients is fine. (Plays into not going WAY over budget!)
4) tastes amazing- liked by whole family! (maybe ONE brand new/different/going to try something new recipe for the week.)

I also like to hear that other people LOVE the recipes. Soooo, the website I've mentioned before, ORGJUNKIE.COM does a weekly menu and then she keeps track of the family favs HERE! What I find absolutely FABULOUS about this is that SHE is trying all the NEW/DIFFERENT things and I'M trying all the fool proof/ family loves it stuff!

I usually plan for 2 weeks worth of food (dinners) by adding some family MUST HAVES and a few new recipes that I'm SURE they'll LIKE!

I've attached the GROCERY LIST that I just made up. And as far as my MENU.. I keep it on my calendar. So, if you are needing a calendar for this purpose click HERE to make one.. or use your Microsoft Word program to make a cute customized one :)

TODAY, I went searching and found 9 amazing recipes to share.. here are the links... (or they will be included in the download below with the grocery shopping list!)

Sweet n' Tangy Pot Roast (Slow Cooker)
with Supreme Potato Casserole

Mexican Pasta Skillet

Fiesta Meatloaf

Parmesan Chicken Casserole

Chicken Macaroni Bake

Southwest Lasagna Rolls

5 minute southwest layered salad

Golden Honey Pan Rolls

I'm super excited to try these new easy recipes that look oh so delicious!!!
What's your FAV recipe?

Leave a link to your blog where you keep your recipes or share it in the comments! Let's help eachother with finding some GREAT recipes!!!


Bon said...

Thanks for the recipes and ideas!

joni said...

Those look like some good recipes! I'm always looking for new but fairly simple things to try. Thanks!
I wanted to share the cute free menu planner I use and love. It also has a grocery list section, plus it looks cute on the fridge! Here's the link:

Trissy-T said...

I love this idea! I need to be more organized for sure! Thanks for the awesome shopping list.

Cher said...


I'm including the link to one of my favorite ever recipes---it's a like a caramel dip...but that sounds so boring in comparison to what it really is. SOOO amazing. We dip strawberries in it and there's nothing like it.
now that my mouth is watering, here you go:

Ron and Connie said...

I do the same thing with the menu and the shopping list. But I write mine on the side of the refrigerator with a dry erase marker and then copy the grocery list in a note book with the necessary coupons attached. Thanks for the new recipe ideas! We are always looking for something new.

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