Thursday, June 17, 2010

VT: June 2010

Here is your JUNE VISITING TEACHING PICTURE!  Above will print in a 5x7 for your sister's frames you got them. Just Right Click and Save to your computer.. then upload to have printed where you get your pictures done.. like or

Below, by request, is the handout 4 to a page to print out at home!


ludlowgang said...

How do you make these? They are so cute. I would like to make quotes like these for other things but don't know how.

Devyn said...

I use a digital scrapbooking program called Memory Mixer. but there are other options. just don't ask me what they are, cuz i don't really know ;) LOL

Laura said...

Thank you for creating these VT handouts. They are so cute, love em. I'm going to hand them out every month. I love the picture frame idea and want to do that at Christmas time. Thanks for such a fun site!!!

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