Monday, April 12, 2010

FHE: How to Pray

Hi! Remember me?? Yeah.. I know, I know I've been slacking in the FHE department.. BIG TIME! However, there is never a better time to try again then TODAY :) Right? I've found A TON of info for PRAYER LESSONS AND ACTIVITES. I've linked quite a few below and then also did a download for you! Hope your FHE PACKETS/BOX is coming along! Please feel free to share any FHE you are adding.. just email us and then we can feature your FHE here on our blog!!! Thanks for your help and support!!!

Praying to Our Heavenly Father

Heavenly Father Answers Our Prayers

Five Finger Prayer

What Do You Hear?

Prayer Puppets


101 FHE Activities

Free LDS Clip Art

A BUNCH of Prayer Ideas from

Download Button Below :) Happy Family Home Evening!!!

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